Sports massage

Osteopath Treating Male Patient With Sports Injury

The Sports Massage is designed with athletes in mind. Whether you are preparing for a big race or trying to recover after strenuous sports event; this sports massage focuses on the overall health of your muscles and body.

Benefits of Sports Massage

  1. Helps in the treatment of injuries.
  2. Reduces muscle spasms due to intensive overuse.
  3. Helps in the prevention of delayed onset of muscle soreness or DOMS (Delayed onset musclesoreness). This is a muscle condition that can occur sometimes after the sporting event. It is a physically limiting problem that can prevent an athlete’s participation in subsequent events.
  4. Improves blood circulation in the muscles which in turn helps to speed up muscle micro-injuries and prevention of chronic muscle pulls.
  5. Massage helps the body to clear away toxins faster. Sports increases metabolic wastes which if not washed away fast can lead to chronic fatigue and other problems.
  6. It improves flexibility and reduces the risk of injuries.
  7. Massage triggers a ‘feel good’ atmosphere that reduces stress through a reduction in the stress hormone – cortisol. These improve overall wellbeing and make the sportsperson a better team-player where this is important.
  8. Helps the body to have a balanced inflammation process which is important for good immunity.
  9. Massage helps the mitochondria to grow. This leads to more energy, reduces inflammation and helps to build muscle.
  10. Physical fitness, optimum muscle conditioning, and psychological preparedness offer an ideal condition for effective competitiveness.

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